Demo Reel 2023


In 2020 my mother left her career and life in America, and moved to the Gambia. I decided to visit her and film our experience with each other, and ended up meeting other Black Americans who had similar stories of re-patriation in Africa.

"Janke" is a compilation of those stories in a blend of documentary filmmaking and vivid animated retelling. It tells the story of Rodrick: whose late grandmother's secret diary led him to the Gambia in search of a lost family heritage. Mega: a father with a troubled past, who is now juggling his reformed life in the Gambia with fathering children back in the States. And my mom Leislene: a newly retired single mother, who moved to the Gambia to process her grief and heal.


Set in 1987, after the murder of his brother by a drug cartel, a detective plots revenge with his newfound partner: a mute, shapeshifting alien.

DARWEEN is an original television series created by Jordan Hendrickson. It's conceptual pilot which was written, directed and animated by Jordan was produced by 150: an incubator company of WarnerMedia Discovery.

The Ballad of Joe Pass

The Ballad of Joe Pass tells the fictional story of real life guitarist Joe as he plays his first gig to a largely African-American audience in Harlem’s “Lennox Lounge” circa 1947.

Written, directed, and animated by Jordan Hendrickson and modeled after the vibrant palettes of Harlem Renaissance artists like Jacob Lawrence; this piece is a short commentary about race, premeditated bias, and how music bridges the divide of both. It has been nominated at three film festivals including UrbanWorld Film Festival and Boulevard Film Festival where it won Best Art Direction.


Two friends, Jacinth and Romero, come to terms with a difficult realization.

Un·bind is written, directed, and produced by Daryl Sledge, producer of the SAATCHI & SAATCHI Achievement in Film Award winning documentary, THAT DAUGHTER’S CRAZY. Sledge also produced the HBO Best Short Film, 2nd Life, and has worked on over 75 film and TV projects.

Un·bind, where Jordan served as Producer, Art Director, and Storyboard Artist is currently nominated at the European Cinematography Awards, and the Toronto Black Film Festival

The Giving Tree

A tree is willing to give a boy whatever he needs, no matter the cost. Nominated at eleven international film festivals, “The Giving Tree” is an animated short film about life, love, loss and adulthood, based on Shel Silverstein's book of the same name. Full video here

Jordan Hendrickson’s “The Giving Tree” has been nominated at eleven international film festivals including AnimaFest Zagreb and Kisakes' International Film Festival where it won Audience Choice Award.